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Individual Learning Units

These units can be used to demonstrate processes, emphasise a learning requirement in a training program, support and enforce the induction process, inform sub-contractors of ‘on-site’ requirements etc. These individual units can be used ‘stand-a-lone’ or be integrated into a SCORM or WordPress configured e-learning framework to form a ‘course’. The units can be accessed and used on any platform and by most devices including: computers, tablets and mobile smart phones.

The units can be designed and produced as PowerPoint presentations, Video or interactive units with quizzes giving feedback to the learner on his/her progress and understanding. Units are often developed to provide induction programs or information on requirements and needed knowledge for site visitors or contractors. These units can be interactive, require feedback and provide a demonstration of understanding. The results of questions and quizzes can be made available to third parties such as personnel, site managers or other designated company employees.

These units are accessible 24/7/365 on computers, tablets or smartphones either on Macs or Android devices. Never lose information on what employees know, reduce the costs of induction and other training programs and make information and learning available wherever people work. Updating e-learning is simple, straightforward, cost effective – change content once and it is instantly updated and distributed to all users.

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Complete Learning System

A complete learning system is a structured learning framework which provides: learning material, formative assessment & summative assessment, learner progress tracking, real time or delayed time support. It can also provide discussion forums, on-line social networking and CPD (Continuing Professional Development. Nowadays learning systems are accessible across all platforms and devices including smart phones. Complete learning systems are also referred to as: e-learning platforms, Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Mobile Learning Systems (MLS) – referring to the accessibility of learning on mobile devices.

Learningaid Ltd provides a complete e-learning framework based on moodle or WordPress. Learningaid’s hosting facility is based in Nottingham and can accommodate multiple frameworks developed to meet the needs of individual companies or organisations. Learningaid staff can manage the individual frameworks or can train company staff to develop and manage their own material either hosted on Learningaid’s servers. other hosting servers or the company’s own computer system.

Training can take place on site or at Learningaid’s training and meeting facility at The Business Centre, 1 Burrough Court, Burrough-on-the-Hill, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE14 2QS

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